Four Ways I Deal with My Anxiety

Alright, so when you live with five other girls, have anxiety and are constantly worrying about your future, you don’t really get the opportunity to have a moment alone to deal with your feelings. So here are the 4 ways I deal with my anxiety while living with five other people.

  1. The Anxiety Closet – in my apartment we have a hall closet that we never use. Most would use this as a pantry or a supply closet, but not us. So, it has become my anxiety closet. Just hear me out, part of my anxiety is that I can’t deal with other people being around during my anxiety attacks. The beauty of The Anxiety Closet is that no one looks there. I can go in there, bring a blanket, snacks, whatever and spend time in there, dealing with what I’m going through.
  2. Showers – Sometimes when my anxiety kicks into overdrive, I just want to cry. But I hate crying around other people. The thing about me is that crying means I’m being weak. Yes, logically, this doesn’t make sense. But to me, in the household I grew up in, crying is weak. In situations when I need to deal with my emotions, I go and take a hot shower.

    Courtesy of
  3. Binge Cleaning – Now you may be wondering why binge cleaning makes this list, especially if you know me personally. I typically hate cleaning. However, when it comes to anxiety, binge cleaning really helps me because it is something I have total control over. I pick what products get used and the intensity that goes into cleaning. I recently binge cleaned my apartment and spent roughly two hours cleaning the floor Cinderella style.

    Gif courtesy of The Odyssey (Film Cinderella)
  4. “La Vie Boheme” (Rent) – Ok, so this one is a little unusual. Okay, maybe it’s highly unusual. But I keep the soundtrack to the film adaptation of the hit Broadway play Rent on my phone. When I start to feel anxious, I immediately turn to track 15, “La Vie Boheme.” Between the medley of voices and the humorous lyrics, this song does a wonderful job in bringing me back to base.


So these are four ways that I deal with my anxiety. Now, these are ways that work for me, not necessarily going to work for everyone, but maybe they can help you. What are some ways you deal with your anxieties?

The Story of Owen

Well, it has finally happened, I went on my first date.

Courtesy of (Film: Despicable Me) 

But… I am pretending it hasn’t happened.

Courtesy of (Film: Despicable Me)

Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking. “You’ve been waiting for this and now you’re going to pretend it hasn’t happened?”

Let me explain:

Owen was a blind date. An old-fashioned blind date. I knew nothing about him before I went out with him, except that he is 27, raised in southern Pennsylvania, currently living 45-minutes away from my apartment and works in finance. A friend of mine that I have known for forever and a year set us up. Heather told me I would love him, that he was just my type.

Heather had told Owen that I didn’t have my car on campus and he told her that it was fine, we could meet at this restaurant by my school. This was fine by me, I could walk there and get to know him some before agreeing to be in a vehicle with him. It was agreed that we would meet at 6:30. I was there early. I was nervous. I *might* have taken a shot or two of fireball before going… But that’s a moot point.

I was waiting on one of the stone benches outside and I remember the calming feeling of the breeze in my hair. Owen was right on time and he was visually attractive. He was roughly standing at six feet, dark sandy hair and these gorgeous piercing green eyes. Plus, he dressed well, he was wearing black khaki pants and a dark blue button down shirt. It was business casual at it’s finest.

Courtesy of Eilonnwy//Photobucket

But that is where the attraction stopped.

After we were escorted to our table and the hostess left he spoke. The first thing he said to me was “What kind of 22-year old doesn’t have a license?” My eyebrow raised up.

“Pardon?” I questioned incredulously. He repeated his question. “I know how to drive, I’ve been driving since I was sixteen, I live up north, having a car here is not practical for me.” He scoffed, shook his head and rolled his eyes.

Then the waitress came over.

“It’ll be separate checks. I’ll have a coke, no ice, extra glass with ice.” Okay… I understanding going Dutch on a first date but he hadn’t even discussed it with me. I offered an apologetic smile to the waitress and ordered my drink. I should have gotten up and left at that point. You know what they say, you can tell a lot about a guy by how he treats waitstaff.

“So Heather tells me you work in finance?” My eyes grazed the menu, I already knew what I was going to have, but I wanted options.

“Yeah, I make roughly six-figures a year,” He sounded like he was gloating. “What are you planning to do with your degree?” His voice was acidic. I told him I planned on going into publishing, that I want to be an editor. His response made me choke on my soda. “That’s stupid. You’ll be jobless and poor within five years. Books aren’t going to be around much longer.”

Courtesy of (Film: Hangover)

My eye started twitching. I inhaled and slowly shook my head. “Well, editors will always be needed,” I offered him my sweetest smile and turned the conversation towards him. He seemed to like that topic. I found out that Owen had two younger sisters: one living at home, the other living in Arizona. His parents divorced, his mother bred German short hair pointers (as a hobby) and his father a lawyer. He spent the entire time talking about himself. He occasionally asked me a question or two, but he judged me for everything. I should have left. But I am too polite to just leave.

Then the checks came. I had some cash and my debit card. I was in the process of calculating my tip when he saw the cash in my hand.

“God, you must be poor,” He scoffed condescendingly. I looked at him, my anger growing. Again, I asked him to repeat himself. “It’s just, only poor people carry cash.” My hand made a fist and I got up, slipping the waitress her tip as I passed her. I went to the till and was in the middle of paying my bill when Owen came up behind me. The cashier smiled at me and passed me a piece of pie to take home. He had been informed by the waitress of his behavior.  I thanked the cashier and went to study the notice board.

“Sorry sir, you’re card has been declined.” My eye brow shot up and I looked over at him. He told the cashier to try again. “Sorry, sir. The card has been declined.” He was using a Black Amex (the only card in his wallet besides his license and some membership cards), his neck grew red. Owen turned to me. I should have walked out. Nope. I walked over to the counter, shaking my head. I laid my debit card on the counter and paid for his food.

(Show: Friends)

(Don’t worry, Heather later reimbursed me after I told her what happened.) And no. He didn’t thank me. I should have let him wash dishes.

I draped my jacket over my arm and walked outside, Owen following, flipping his keys around his index finger. “So we’re going back to your place, right?” He asked. I stared at him.

“And why would I invite you back to my apartment?” My blood started to boil.

“To have sex of course, I would offer to bring you to my place but my sister is holding a some dumb ass book club or some shit like that.” I couldn’t say anything. I was awed by how stupid this guy was. I told him I wasn’t going to have sex with him on the first date. I wasn’t like that.

He proceeded to go on a rant about how he’s “****** girls way hotter than you… Can’t believe I wasted my gas and I’m not even going to ****** get laid.” He scoffed and walked off to his car, leaving me standing there, shaking my head in disbelief.

At least it wasn’t that far of a walk home and I had pie to eat while watching Dollhouse on Netflix.



Today I Had a Realization

I’m friends with one of my former bullies on Facebook. I truly think Shannon didn’t realize who I was. But mid-Summer, post Junior year, when the friend request appeared on Facebook, I left it alone for a week before finally deciding to accept the request. Worst case scenario, I could just delete her if she started slinging mud. She didn’t sling mud, and we never talk to each other. But I never realized that Shannon, who was the epitome of perfection in high school, suffered from anxiety.

Today, I was scrolling through my news feed and I saw this video:

I watched it through and in my mind I was thinking that maybe it was one of my friends who posted it. Maybe my friend Callie, who I bonded with over the shared love of a band. When I checked who shared it, my jaw hit the floor: Shannon?! 

Shannon, who was practically class president, was a cheerleader and on dance team. She  joined the debate club and model United Nations club. Shannon, who was the center of attention in middle school, used her popularity to gain a step up in high school. I couldn’t believe it.

I know anxiety is something that is, to say the least, fairly common among Millennials, but Shannon? I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. Part of me thinking that this was some sort of cruel trick. That she found out I was doing this project and she was trying to plot something.

But before I hyperventilated myself into a frenzy, I realized, we’re adults. She wouldn’t plan anything, because we’re both grown. I also came to realize that, I learned something from Shannon (which is something I never thought I’d ever say). It never occurred to me that the girl who was the epitome of perfection would have anxiety.

The April Fools Day Plan **Update**

So on Friday, I left everyone on edge about what happened between my friend, Dominic, and I after I told him it was an April Fools joke. If you recall from the last post, I left him off saying it was a mean spirited April Fools prank. You can read about The April Fools Day Plan here if you haven’t read it already.

Well, he finally got back to me about ten to eleven. His response as follows:

“Mean April Fools jokes are kind of your thing” refers to a prank I pulled a few years ago on Lana in which I sent her a link and told her that one of her favorite artists had been in a car crash. The link led to an April Fools GIF

The thing about Dominic is that he takes things for face value, so I told him that I had been planning this with Lana for weeks. Luckily, he believed it to be a joke.

Dominic is a great friend and he, Lana and I hang out all the time and now that I think about if he had reciprocated the feelings, it would have been awkward for Lana because, well, she’s single and Dominic had expressed feelings for her years ago, feelings she has never reciprocated because he’s like her brother but how would Lana have felt if Dominic and I were a couple? In theory, she supported it. She had said she shipped us from the start, but what if her feelings had been different in practice? 

Lana is the person I am closest to in the world. And if Dominic and I had become a couple, it might have resulted in me losing Lana and now that I think about it, I wouldn’t be able to not have her around. So it’s really for the better that it didn’t work out with Dominic.

The April Fools Day Plan

Three-ish weeks ago, Lana and I decided that I would tell our friend that I like him. On April Fools day. That way, if he didn’t reciprocate the feelings, I could be all “Haha! April Fools!” And if he thought I was kidding I would be “I’m serious. I actually like you.”

Well here’s the thing, my anxiety had me worrying about this whole thing since we decided on it. So when I realized it was April 1 at 2:00 AM, I started debating with myself about whether or not I was going to actually do this and with some encouragement from my roommate, Caroline, I composed this:


Telling Him
sorry about the shotty editing, I’m using my phone.

Well, after I sent this, I starting panicking. My heart was racing, my brain going into overdrive and my hands started to shake. What the hell did I just do?! I muted the conversation and refused to look at my phone. I fell asleep around 3:30 AM.

Christina woke me up this morning at 8:30 and I had her look at the messenger chat. She seemed shocked, but it wasn’t a surprise to me. He had replied with:

His response
Christina had pouted and apologized. I shrugged and laughed, I had expected this. I was hurt, yeah, but it wasn’t anything new to me. I’m used to this. But I will admit, I wanted to cry. And that’s unusual for me. I don’t cry very often. But I guess I built this way up and gave myself some false sense of security.

So after I showered and got myself presentatable for the day, I sent him this:

He has yet to read it and it’s currently quarter to ten as I write this. I’m hoping that he believes this was a prank and if he doesn’t… Well hopefully our friendship doesn’t become awkward…

I think I’m going to stick to online dating from now on. Haha.

Happy April Fools Day everyone! (And no, this post is not a prank!)

Living with Anxiety
Image courtesy of Pixabay

I should have made this post a month ago and I didn’t. So here it is.

I have social anxiety. No. It’s not an official diagnosis but I have it.

Social anxiety does not mean I’m 100% okay. Ever. It makes my life 100% more challenging.  Even simple things like making friends is a challenge because I am always over skeptical of ulterior motives.

I was bullied for six years, through three different schools by the same three or four people. All starting in sixth grade. It was a small class, only 20-something students and I transferred in with these kids who had known each other since kindergarten. I somehow ended up befriending the mean girls of my grade. And they made my life a living hell. I graduated middle school with these girls. I went to high school with them for one year and they continued the bullying, however they used different tactics this time around. End of my freshman year, I transferred to a public high school. I was okay at the public high school, there were too many students for there to actually be any bullying. I even made a few friends. But guess what, after a few months the bullying continued but it seemed to be worse than when I actually went to school with them. They went to extreme lengths to try and contact me, each one being somewhat worse than the attempt prior. I was even physically attacked once by one of them. And this is where my anxiety stems from. 

My social anxiety is a disability of sorts for me. No, it’s not a visible one unless you really study my life. Moving down to my college was supposed to make my life better, it was suppose to help me expand my horizons and move past my anxiety. My family doesn’t understand my anxiety and they think that I’m overreacting- that I have to grow up and leave my tormentors in the past. But I can’t.

While I don’t focus on these girls, or even really think about them unless I’m writing a post like this, they are the source of my anxiety.  They are the reason my anxiety exists. Up until sixth grade, I had been solely extroverted. I would go out and make friends with the neighborhood kids or even the kids at camp. But after sixth grade it stopped. I changed. My extroverted nature became more introverted and going out became more and more of a hassle for me.  Going into unfamiliar stores alone was a slight problem too. Being alone in public meant I was an easy target. But it was a catch 22. I don’t make friends easily because of my anxiety. For someone to be my friend, I have to connect with them and trust them with my life.


Meme courtesy of
Meme courtesy of

No one understands the amount of anxiety that comes into my life as I attempt to be sociable alone. One event I went to for this project led to me in the bathroom crying because I was alone and my anxiety kicked in and my mind was working overtime. If I go out to be sociable, I need the buffer of someone else to be there and help me. Social anxiety can be crippling, but with the right support, and taking my time with this project, I’m slowly changing who I am- for the better. However, this is not saying that my anxiety is 100% gone. Or that it ever will be. What this is saying is that I am working on making it manageable, and so far I am succeeding.


The Tale of St. Paddy’s Day (Or Rather, The Night After)

Hi everybody!!!!

Alright, so I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything and I am so sorry. Spring Break hit my campus and it hit me hard. I legit spent roughly a week sleeping, eating nachos and hanging out with my best friend. However, I do have a fun Saint Patrick’s Day (and the next day) story 🙂

March 13 – March 19

This was legit my spring break, I went home and spent the week doing nothing. Well, that’s a lie. I did a variety of things including: helping my mother with the social media side of her business (if you’re a craft person, you might want to visit their website, [shameless promotion, I know. ahaha] The only real highlights would be St. Paddy’s Day and the 18.

Saint Patrick’s Day. Alright, I’ll admit I was mostly excited for corn beef and cabbage. It is one of my most favorite foods. I’ll get corn beef sandwiches from diners whenever I go, regardless of the time of year, but at St. Paddy’s Day my mom gets this stone ground mustard and it is so amazing! I probably ate the equivalent of  roughly a pound of corn beef (this was lunch and dinner haha). But after dinner was the fun part. Lana and I went to this little Irish pub that is a five minute walk away from her house. The pub had live music and while the guy wasn’t as good as some other people we had seen performing there, he was good enough. But hey, we were drunk, he sounded like Bon Jovi by the end of the night. Also, what was really cool about this was that the manager of the pub had hired bag pipe players to come and play. That was cool because I had never seen bag pipe players perform live, and best of all, they played The Unicorn Song (below) which is like my favorite song ever. Possibly because my dad and I always sang it together on long road trips. It was fun. I ended up spending the night at Lana’s since I was too drunk to drive. As my mom says, “I don’t care if you drink, just don’t drive.”

So after Lana and I walked back to her house, which involved drunkenly singing at the top of our lungs, we passed out on her couch, with Bob’s Burgers playing in the background.

We didn’t get out of bed (or off the couch) until around 2 PM on Friday. Now, Friday was the fun day because believe it or not, it involved more drinking, attractive people and our friend, Bryan, performing at the same pub we were at the night before.

Now, the previous night had involved me swearing on a pub menu that I would kiss a stranger before the night was over. Well, on St. Paddy’s Day I never kissed the stranger. Nor did I get a shot of Jameson’s that my friend Tom promised me… However, it was okay, we had Friday night.

Lana, Tom, myself, and a few of our mutual friends from our county college got together at the pub. Now, the pub is so small that we were a little less than a half of the patronage for the night. We ordered our drinks, some wings and chips and then my oath from the night before came into play. My “I Swear I’m Kissing A Stranger Before Tonight’s Over” oath. One that was caught on video, but I don’t remember saying. Anyway, of course Lana and I had preliminaries to go through. He couldn’t be a smoker and he had to look between the ages of 25 and 29.

Of course, there had been a very good amount of potential guys to kiss, however by the end of the night, it turned out there was only one to kiss, the rest were basically chain smokers. Which is totally not cool in my (or Lana’s) book. So it was closing time and I had tossed back my second shot of the night, went over to him and just kissed him….

Now for the best part.

My stranger turned out to be my high school sociology teacher’s younger brother. Which made for an awkward conversation as Mr. Z made his way back in from outside and saw his former student locking lips with his 26 year old brother.

That was #Awkward but #Awesome mainly because Mr. Z knew me as the quiet bookworm.

While the majority of my spring break had been just me getting R&R, I did have fun. I would have never even thought about kissing strangers or even attempting to flirt with a guy but this project is really helping me come out of my shell and I am finding that I am gaining more confidence and I can’t say that I hate the new me.


Yer a Wizard, Lori

Alright, so like any person who has been alive for the past twenty-some-odd years, I’m a total Potter-head. I essentially grew up with Harry Potter. Alright, so in 1997, I was too young to read the books. And I didn’t technically see the first movie until it came out on VHS (I’m pretty sure we still have that VHS somewhere…) , which was after I listened to the first book on tape with my aunt, but I diverge.  I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. When they were starting their first year at Hogwarts, I was essentially starting my education path with preschool. When they finally defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, (sorry! Spoilers!) I was finishing middle school. Between the books and the movies, throughout my entire life in school, I had something Harry Potter related. When the trio  I grew up with theatrically left Hogwarts forever, I hadn’t quiet graduated high school, but I was almost there.

Right, now that there is some backstory, (sorry if I ramble too much, ha!) onto what happened last night. It was Harry Potter Novelty Night on my campus. They had practically everything. You could make your own wand, get sorted into your Hogwarts house (what true HP fan doesn’t know what house they’re in though?), drink Butterbeer, get your fortune told, play Wizard’s Chest and take a Potion’s Class. All in all, it seemed like fun, so I jumped on the chance to go.

I arrived in the student center around 8:45, way later than I normally would have gone but I had a class. I got in line and waited.. And waited… And waited. While in line I talked to some other people waiting and we got into the audio book debate of Stephan Fry versus Jim Dale… Jim Dale won obviously. After they finally let us in, I went and got a nice mug of butterbeer, well virgin butterbeer, since all true Harry Potter fans know butterbeer has a small amount of alcohol in it. But yes, it was a campus event and they can’t serve liquor. I know, I know.

Well I drank my butterbeer while waiting in line to see the psychic, chatting with others waiting as well as the students who were part of the committee running the event. The psychic was weird… All my tarot cards were facing away from me, which she said meant that it would be happening in the future. However, a lot of what she said seemed really accurate in terms of career and such. She told me she sees me in a career where I’ll be creative, wear many hats and people will come to me for answers.  I want to eventually have the title executive editor attached to my name. She also told me that the person I am meant to be with, I will be with them because they make me laugh. They may aggravate me to no end, but I’ll love them because they make me laugh.

After I thanked her, I went to go get sorted into my house (Gryffindor all the way!).  As I was waiting in line, the event staff were calling out people’s results. People cheered for Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws, but the moment Slytherin was called, everyone in attendance booed (minus the other Slytherins, of course).

When I got closer to the front of the line, there was a kid offering a vomit flavored Bertie Bott’s bean to anyone and everyone (no one would take it), and I made the comment of “Our parents told us never to accept candy from strangers.” Everyone around me laughed, and I realized that my friend from The Tale of the Laundry Room, was standing in front of me with her boyfriend. We were talking about Harry Potter and I had asked her what her blood status was. If you haven’t read the series here is a break down of the Blood Status:

  • Pure-bloods are those witches and wizards that come from a family line lacking Muggle (a non-magical human) members. To be considered a pure-blood, a witch or wizard must have all magical grandparents.
  • Half-bloods are those witches and wizards that come from a family where one parents is a Muggle and the other is not.
  • Mud-bloods are those witches and wizards that come from a family where both parents are Muggles.

In terms of the fandom, however:

  • Pure-Bloods are the fans who read the books then saw the movies.
  • Half-Bloods are the fans who saw the movies then read the books.
  • Mud-Bloods are the fans who saw the movies.

Of course this means practically nothing in the real world, but it is a good conversation starter. As it turns out though, Cara is Mud-Blood. Of course, I gasped and started questioning her on how it is she’s 23 years old and she hasn’t read the Harry Potter series yet. She said she just couldn’t get into them. So, I told her Audible, Jim Dale. Go!

After that we got sorted into our houses. It was a 40-something question quiz, and per usual, I got Gryffindor. Cara also got Gryffindor, but Christina (who hadn’t told me she was attending) got Ravenclaw. Nothing unusual there, she usually flips between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

After we got sorted, Christina and I just went home. The wand making was very poorly constructed. It was twigs. Legitimately twigs that you painted. I wasn’t going to waste my time, neither was Christina. Additionally, the potions class wasn’t anything too exciting either. You could dye and scent water to make a “potion.”

All in all, it was a good night. It was way more fun than Bingo, plus I felt way more comfortable here than I have at any other event.


The Story of Josh.

Alright, I’ll be honest. I’m 22 years old and I have never, not even once, been on a date. I’ve also given up on the prospect of actually meeting someone in person because I am very awkward when it comes to talking to guys. Thus, I have a Plenty of Fish, a Tinder* and an OkCupid profile.

I’m the type of girl that if I start dating you, it’s because I can see a future with you. I see myself eventually bringing you home to my family and introducing you to everyone, including my fifth cousin, three times removed on my dad’s side of the family. It’s how I was raised. If a guy can’t accept that then I really can’t and don’t want to waste my time with him. I mean, yes I’m young, but I’m not getting any younger here.

Alright onto Josh.

I had met Josh on OkCupid and we instantly clicked. His profile said he was looking for something serious, not casual dating or hookups. He said he was very family-centric and he was too old to be playing games. He was tall enough that I could get away with wearing heels if we went out, smart enough that we’d be able to have intelligent conversations and polite enough not to ask me about my sexual experience in the first message exchanges.

After two weeks of talking, it started to go south. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I had really wanted to go out with Josh. However, Josh said that he wasn’t sure he was ready for a serious relationship again (apparently his last one ended three months prior and she had cheated on him) and I said that was fine, but that it wouldn’t work out between us.

“I’m not that type of girl,” I texted him. “I’m the type of girl who has dinner waiting for you when you get done with work and I’m the type of girl who will go to a wine tasting, not a frat party.”

He said that it was okay, wishing me luck in my search for my significant other.

Then on February 18, I got this message:

                                       Lucky 1

I was lividly mad. Christina said if it had been a cartoon, smoke would have been coming out of my ears. Josh and I had a conversation about me not doing hook ups or one night stands. He knew what kind of girl I was but he still had the audacity to send me this message. I wanted to throw my phone at the wall, however, I just replied, albeit I was using some explicit language. I blocked it out, but I’m sure if you use your imagination you can figure out what the blurs are.

Lucky 2lucky 3

Josh and I had spoken for a few weeks, so no he wasn’t random in that sense. But, I had never met him in person and in that sense he was. I knew nothing about him in all actuality, there’s only so much you can learn about a person from texting.

As I mentioned, I was livid. I may have gone overboard with what I said, but at that point I was pretty sure I was justified in my response. He hasn’t messaged me since but I’m pretty sure I won’t be hearing from Josh ever again.

Do you have a pre-dating disaster story? Share it below!


*Note: Yes, I realize Tinder is mainly used as a hook up app, however for the purposes of expanding my comfort zone, I joined.

Bingo Night!

Bingo. Probably the most fun, but most annoying activity any person can participate in.

My school has Bingo once or twice a semester. It is either $1,000 or $10,000 Bingo. $10,000 if seven-hundred and fifty students filled the concert hall, $1,000 if they didn’t. Now this is in prizes, not actual cash. 

Alright, so Bingo was Friday, February 26. The same day that Fuller House aired on Netflix (Which you should watch if you haven’t!). I was almost tempted to not even go. I wanted to stay in and rewatch my favorite child stars as adults, but sadly, I couldn’t. My roommate basically informed me that I promised to go. So at 8:00 (EST) I started to get ready for Bingo.

Christina and I were out of the door by 8:45 and in our seats at the concert hall by 9:10. There had been a huge line to get in. The activities coordinator stamped our hands, gave us our boards and a bottle of water. We were then ushered into the actual theater and into our seats. The actual event didn’t start until 10 so we had roughly fifty minutes to kill.

Falling into the typical nature of girls, we started looking around the hall, trying to spot cute guys. That got boring fast. Then we fell into the typical Generation X stereotype and we were on our phones playing a version of solitaire that seemed much like the multiplayer card game, Spit. And no, we barely spoke to each other. It’s pathetic really, but then again, we live with each other.

By the time 10 rolled around we were starving and I was thirsty, but since I’m picky about the water I drink, I forced Christina to taste her’s and tell me if it tasted like Nirvana (a band I LOVE) or Nestle’s Pure Life (a brand that I can not drink). She said it was Nirvana, so I then drank mine, and I was a tad less cranky.

One of the coordinators came on stage and told us that we did not fill the concert hall, but she had pulled some strings and they were giving away $6,000 worth of prizes.

My Lucky Bingo Numbers!
My Lucky Bingo Numbers!

The bingo started with the typical line fashion (All B’s, I’s, N’s, G’s or O’s; One B-I-N-G-O; diagonal).

The first prize was $270 worth of gift cards to local food establishments and the campus Barnes and Noble. Additionally, if you won a prize, you couldn’t win again until the last round, which was a 55″ Smart TV.

The boy who sat in front of Christina and I won the first gift card prize pack and he was happy. Although, he didn’t look like a reader to me, so I’m not sure what he did with the Barnes and Noble gift card (yes, I know. It’s bad to judge a book by it’s cover).

Christina and I had agreed that if it was something I wanted and she won, we’d switch boards and she’d go up and claim it and vice versa.

The only prizes I had been interested in were: a Play Station 4, $200 Shoprite gift card, a Broadway Experience pack with $400 for, and the school’s swag basket, which had a blanket, a gift certificate for money on your school ID and a Barnes and Noble gift card.

Christina had wanted the XBox One (the “Or” for the Playstation prize), the Fitbit, $200 Wawa gift card or tickets to a festival being held by our school in a few months.

Long story short – neither of us actually won anything, even though I was close to winning the 55″ TV (G69! It was all I needed, curse you G69!) We were both pretty aggravated by the end of the night mostly because of the tie breakers were drawn out and annoying to watch.

The bright side to it all? We got free pizza! What college student doesn’t love free pizza?

To be honest, I would never go back to a Bingo night, at least not through the school. We only got one board, versus a regular Bingo where you can buy several boards. Haha. While Christina and I agreed we aren’t going to go to a school Bingo event, we have agreed that post-graduation we are going to find several churches that we can put into our personal Bingo circuit, and yes. We will be the crazy ones with the rainbow blotters.